The Connecticut Coalition to End Homelessness (CCEH) recently released a new report entitled Portraits of Homelessness in Connecticut that brings together information from national and state sources to provide a comprehensive look at homelessness in Connecticut.  The report provides information about the different populations experiencing homelessness, examines the effect of the economic recession on homelessness and proposes recommendations to prevent and end homelessness in Connecticut.  The report was introduced at a recent forum held in Hartford attended by Danbury Housing Partnership Chair Mark J. Nolan and Greater Danbury Continuum of Care Co-Chair Milena Sangut.

“The report confirms many of the trends that we’ve observed in the Danbury region and will prove to be a useful resource as the State works with local partners to continue to address the issue of homelessness, “ stated Mr. Nolan.  “While we have made great progress in implementing strategies to address homelessness, the recent economic recession has hit hard- as evidenced by the increasing numbers of persons facing homelessness for the first time, including an alarming number of families with children.”

The report reveals that in 2010 Connecticut’s emergency housing shelters served almost 11,700 person- including more than 1,500 children.  In addition, the young adult segment of the population faced great pressure, with more than 1,300 shelter users being between the ages of 18 – 24.   The dire effects of the recession are reflected in the fact that almost half of all homeless families and 40% of adults without children were facing homelessness for the first time.  In addition, more than one-third of single parents served by Connecticut shelters had no significant financial resources.

The report found that factors contributing to homelessness in Connecticut included inadequate income/loss of job, the high cost of housing in the state, domestic violence, health/addiction issues and criminal justice involvement. 

The report proposed comprehensive solutions to prevent and end homelessness.  Among the recommendations to address homelessness proposed by the report the two most important were noted to be:

1.  Retool the crisis response system by adopting housing-centered programs and using data to better target services to those most in need.

2.  Increase access to stable and affordable housing by increasing housing subsidies and linking those in need with supportive services.  The report recommended expansion of the State Rental Assistance Voucher Program as one way to implement this solution.

Please click on the link provided to view an executive summary of Portraits of Homelessness in Connecticut.  Please click here to view the full report.

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