The Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development has posted the 2009 Affordable Housing Appeals List that specifies the number of officially recognized affordable housing units in each community in Connecticut.  The list is compiled annually to determine which communities are exempt from the Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure under Connecticut General Statute Section 8-30g.  The appeals procedure shifts the burden of proof to municipal land use agencies in evaluating whether to deny a development application involving affordable housing.


Danbury remains the only community in the Housatonic region that is exempt from the appeals procedure by virtue of having more than ten percent of their total housing units meeting the designated affordable criteria under the statute.  Danbury was determined to have a total of 2,992 affordable housing units representing 10.49 percent of its total housing units.  The affordable housing total is determined by adding the number of governmentally assisted units, the number of CHFA mortgages and the number of units with affordable housing deed restrictions.  Private housing units that may meet generally-recognized definitions of affordability are not counted under the statute.


Danbury Housing Partnership Chair Mark J. Nolan was pleased that Danbury continued to meet the affordable housing threshold but noted that there was still a great deal of progress that could be made.  Mr. Nolan stated:  “The Danbury Housing Partnership continues to work with our regional communities, State and Federal agencies and our community partners to address the need for affordable housing throughout the Housatonic Valley region.”


Bethel had the next highest affordable housing total in the region with  339 affordable housing units representing 5.10 percent of its total housing units.  New Milford was credited with a total of 239 affordable units (2.23%) followed by Ridgefield with 181 units (2.04%) and Newtown with 170 units (1.98%).  Please click on the link provided to view the complete Affordable Housing Appeals List visit the DECD website at .


Mr. Nolan discussed affordable housing efforts with members of the Housatonic Valley Council of Elected Officials (HVCEO) in January and pledged to work with the organization to continue to explore strategies to produce affordable housing consistent with the individual development needs of each member municipality.  Last year, HVCEO funded the 2009 Regional Housing Market Assessment that provides substantial background data on housing, employment, and economic development; research on housing programs and strategies as well as findings and recommendations for actions on the part of municipalities to address affordable housing needs in the region.  Please visit to see a copy of the report as well as to view HVCEO’s on-line Affordable Housing Resource Inventory.