Partnership Chair Participates in "Housing and the Workforce" Forum

Danbury Housing Partnership Chair Mark J. Nolan participated in the January 27, 2010 forum on "Housing and the Workforce" at the invitation of the Partnership For Strong Communities.  The Hartford Lyceum forum was the first of  a series of forums on The Hub of Public Policy 2010 focusing on the relationship of housing to economic vitality and community development.

The January forum event focused on the relationship between housing and the provision of a diverse workforce necessary to maintain a strong economic base in Connecticut.  Guest presenters included Joan McDonald, Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development; Timothy Bannon, President and CEO of the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority; and David Fink, Policy Director of the Partnership For Strong Communities. 

Mr. Nolan recommended to the forum that the State consider re-establishing the Connecticut Housing Authority to address the development of affordable housing for Connecticut's workforce.  Mr. Nolan also noted the need to provide incentives to address the problem of Connecticut college grads and young workers having to leave Connecticut to find suitable affordable housing and employment opportunities.  Commenting that housing choice is crucial to maintaining Connecticut's quality of life, Mr. Nolan recommended rewarding landlords for investing in maintaining affordable housing and providing business incentives to enable Connecticut employees to continue to live in the communities in which they were raised.  Mr. Nolan also pointed out the special needs of our increasing senior population who will make up an increasing percentage of our population if younger workers continue to migrate out of the State.  Seniors are being squeezed by declining income due to the economic downturn coupled with the decreased equity in their homes.  Keeping younger workers and families in Connecticut is crucial in order to provide the economic and tax revenue stability needed to meet the needs of our seniors and populations in need of supportive housing.

Additional forums in the "Housing: The Hub of Policy" series are scheduled on the following dates:

February 24, 2010  "Housing, Transportation & the Environment"

March 24, 2010  "Housing, Education & Healthcare"

April 28, 2010  "Housing Plus Services"

May 26, 2010  "Urban Planning & Housing Development"

For more information about the "Housing: The Hub of Policy" forums please contact the Partnership for Strong Communities or visit