The Non-Profit Development Corporation of Danbury, Incorporated

NPDCD Incorporated was formulated in 1981 through the cooperation of private and public sector participants.  The goals of the corporation are to privde affordable, attractive housing and to preserve city neighborhoods through housing rehabilitation, housing development and economic development.  The Corporation is a non-profit corporation with Federal 501(c)3 tax-exempt status.  NPDCD Incorporated represents an innovative partnership through wich private and public resources can be brought to bear to create affordable housing and improve City neighborhoods.

Board of Directors
A five-member board of directors manages the affairs of the Corporation.  The directors bring to their positions significant experience in development, construction, rehabilitation, management and financing.

Paul J. Valeri, President
Mark J. Nolan, Treasurer
Paul E. Swenson, Secretary
David Hawley, Director
Vacancy, Director

Mr. Valeri has served as president since the establishment of the Corporation.  Mr. Nolan, a charter board member, also serves as property manager for Corporation properties.

Accomplishments To Date

Vet House Receives National Community Development Award

 NPDCD Incorporated Commits To Develop "Vet House"

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Vet House